Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Flood In Arizona

Okay, so not a real flood, but a huge one to me. Sunday night I was walking into my kitchen and heard a weird noise coming out of our water heater. I opened the door and water was pouring out into our carpet. I freaked and ran and got Jon(did I mention this was at midnight?). In the short time it took him to get the water turned off, our living room had flooded. Seriously. Flooded! We had to call maintenance, who did not want to come in the middle of the night, because he lives 45 minutes away. Why would you hire someone for emergencies who lives so far away? Once we mentioned we are in a top floor apartment, he came. I was up until 3 am waiting.

The next day a water extractor guy came and our hot water heater was replaced. The carpet guy had to put a giant fan under the carpet and it was flapping around and making fumes, so we had to leave. I have 2 little ones who cant stay in their room all day long! Well, it has been almost 5 days and it SMELLS in our apartment. They keep saying its a process, meanwhile I am out of our home, staying with family, not able to work or pack. We are moving in less than 3 weeks and I'm freaking out.

Basically, I don't know what is going on! I did grab some product information and product to take to my relatives house so I can try to get some work done. The internet has been giving me some issues, but I'm sure trying. If you read my Facebook, then you know I am extending my Baby Shower Bash. If you are a company I am working with for it, please know your review is coming and I did not forget about you! My bash will be extended into September and a few of my September reviews will be pushed to October. I don't have much scheduled for October, and I don't plan to line up anything else, so I should be caught up in time for the Holiday Rush!

I want to say thank you to all of my new followers and to all of my trusty old followers, as well as a thank you to all the fabulous companies I have been working with. Thank you all for being so patient and understanding. I will keep everyone posted.

The 3 reviews I plan to do in the next day or so are my Dipe N Go, Tilly Tally Diapers, and an amazing Organic cookbook for babies and children.



  1. OMG>. that sucks! Hope it gets figured out soon. Years ago I was checking on my mom's house when she was out of town and opened the door and a gush of water came out. The pipe in the bathroom broke and flooded the whole house. It was a mess!

  2. AHHHHH I hate water things. We are home now and it doesnt stink as bad so hopefully it's ok now! It's time for me to get to packing because we move September 18th!