Monday, August 30, 2010

A Quick Update!

Hey guys! Well we are finally back at home and I am back at my computer answering emails and working on blog posts. I wanted to thank everyone again for being so patient with me while we dealt with our apartment flood! We got in to talk to the apartment management and they are going to be crediting us some rent, though we aren't sure how much yet. Meanwhile, we are packing up a storm, helping my Aunt finish move and today my Son had his very first dentist appointment!

He did such an amazing job! They couldn't believe he was only three because of how tall he is and how well he did when they looked in his mouth! We went to a Great Grins Children's Dentistry here in Tucson, AZ and we fell in love with all of the staff. When they have them lay down on the tables to clean their teeth, they are all in one open room, so you can see other kids getting their teeth cleaned as well. They let Michael pick out a pair of sunglasses to wear while they worked on his teeth and he got to pick chocolate toothpaste and orange fluoride(such a weird combo!). I was so proud of him during the whole thing, and he even did excellent during his xrays! He has decalcification in his teeth, which he has had since his teeth came through as a baby. This leads to white stains on his teeth and basically those are weak spots. He is highly susceptible to cavities and actually has 2 tiny ones. Luckily, it shouldn't effect his adult teeth and we were given some paste to put on every night that is filled with calcium and phosphate to help keep his teeth safe and make them strong. We are going back to get those filled September 15th. They gave him an adorable goodie bag and he just had a great time. I am so happy we picked them!

So our weekend was absolutely filled what with coming home Saturday, helping my Aunt move again on Sunday and then meeting with apartment people and taking Michael to the Dentist! tomorrow I have to get caught up on cleaning and start packing more! I did get 3 posts done tonight and ready to go up tomorrow! I will get three more done tomorrow to post on Wednesday. That is kind of what I am going to have to do until I am caught up. The 3 that are done are:

Tilly Tally Diapers

Organically Raised Cookbook

Dipe n' Go

Tomorrow I plan on writing reviews for Bella Blu Maternity, Tommee Tippee and Choto Baby. These will be written up tomorrow and posted Wednesday morning.

If you are a company I am working with and wondering where your review is, do not worry, it is coming! I am about a week behind right now and will take a few days to get caught up. I had posted before that my Bash will be extended until the first week of September and a few September items may get pushed to October. I'm working as fast as my little fingers will let me! Once again, thank you for being so understanding while we get our house back to order after our flood and during my move on September 18th. Both of these things were unexpected! But such is life! Reviews are coming I promise!

Oh! as far as the giveaways that have ended, winners will be picked tomorrow as well. I know I am behind and all of you are probably so anxious to hear who won those fabulous items! They are coming. I will also be promoting all open giveaways tomorrow.

Thanks again guys!


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