Monday, September 20, 2010

Did you miss me?

Hey guys! I made it through moving while pregnant! Lucky for me we weren't moving across the country this time! We are loving our new house. There is a ton of room for the kids to run and play and be loud. Cant wait to make a garden in the backyard and hang a clothesline!

As for blogging, here I go again! Seems like I am always playing catch up these days. I am hoping to be fully caught up in October! Lucky for you I have a ton of items to post and I am very blessed to have companies who are super patient!

Doing some work tonight and setting goals for the week. I will also be picking winners again since I am horribly behind on that too!

Once I get a little bit more settled in I will be making my first pregnancy video and posting a pregnancy blog update. It's going to be fun to talk about pregnancy and babies and not have to post these updates anymore.

We are all moved and getting settled, so things will be back on track soon! Thanks so much guys! Is there any content you would like to see more of? I will be slowly filling my tabs with more green tips, recipes and everything we are planning for homeschool as well!


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