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Baby Shower Bash #25: Ingrid and Isabel Review!

Ingrid & Isabel

I am so thrilled to be pregnant with my third and even more thrilled(okay, so maybe not MORE thrilled, but pretty darn close!) to get to wear adorable maternity clothes from Ingrid and Isabel this time around. I nearly jumped up and down when I found out I would be working with them as part of my Bash.

Who is Ingrid and Isabel? If you haven't heard of their incredible BellaBand, then you must be living under a rock. Literally every pregnant woman should own one of them! How did this genius band of fabric come about? The founder, Ingrid, was newly pregnant and dressing for work when she noticed her belly had popped! I know we have all tried the rubber band through the button hole trick and there is always a fear of our shirt rising up and exposing this poor attempt to wear non-maternity jeans longer! She had the same fear and decided to put a tube top around her non-maternity jeans and headed out to work! They held them up and no one knew they were undone! She wore this accessory like this for weeks and then thought maybe other women would be interested in something like it! Eventually she introduced BellaBand, with her sweet daughter Isabel as the inspiration. And there we have Ingrid and Isabel!

Want to see a BellaBand?


You can wear the BellaBand to wear your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans unbuttoned, to hold up too loose maternity jeans, to reinforce the panels on maternity jeans once you get bigger, and even postpartum to help you fit into too-big maternity and too-tight pre-pregnancy jeans! Like I said, every woman should own one! I was lucky to be sent the BellaBand in black with a lace edge at the bottom. I have already started wearing this item and I am only 6 weeks! I tend to show in my belly very soon, especially since this is my third. The BellaBand helps me stay comfortable in my regular jeans before I need to start wearing maternity ones. Did I mention they also carry an Organic version? I need to get my hands on one!

If you are curious as to how to wear the BellaBand, you can check out their How to Wear page, but I think it's pretty easy to get the hang of.

You can purchase a BellaBand of your very own for $22.00 to $26.00 on, or find a different retailer here.

BellaBand is not one size fits all. They are sized, so take a peek at the size chart before you order:

BellaBand Sizing Chart

Ingrid and Isabel also sent me an item from their Essentials Collection! I was sent the Ruched Tank.

Align CenterRuched Tank

I never owned any side ruched items with my previous pregnancies, and it was a feature to maternity clothes I wanted to test drive. I love how the ruched sides hug your belly and show it off instead of hide it! This tank has more ruching than I have ever seen and it fits like a glove! This tank gives you subtle pleats across the belly in early pregnancy, a smooth and supportive silhouette in mid and late pregnancy and many pleats for postpartum to hide the shrinking belly! It is flattering at any stage of the game and I firmly believe this belongs in our pregnancy arsenal! Another bonus? It is cut incredibly long to fit the belly from beginning to end! I love wearing my tank top as is or under items to hug my belly. I know as I get farther along, this is going to be a priceless item and I will need to get a couple more. This would be incredibly comfortable to wear under any maternity top.

Check out the size chart for it:

Ruched Tank Size Chart

I would absolutely buy any of the other items from Ingrid and Isabel and most likely will! Their items are extremely comfortable and my tank fits like it was made for me! I couldn't be happier with the maternity items I was sent and I feel so blessed to get to include this fabulous company in my Bash! Keep your eyes peeled for future pregnancy pictures of me in my Ruched Tank!

Make sure you follow Ingrid and Isabel on Facebook!

I want to say a huge thank you to Ingrid and Isabel for this amazing review opportunity and for putting up with my flood and moving! Things have definitely been crazy and I love working with such an awesome company.

Disclaimer: I received free product to review. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own.

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