Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Shower Bash #26: Sassy Baby Review

I was(and am!) incredibly honored to get to work with Sassy on a product review as part of my Baby Shower Bash. I think all moms know about Sassy baby products - I know I have several sets of their A to Z Letter Links:
Sassy Baby makes more than just toys(which are all BPA free by the way) though! I was sent some incredible bath and feeding items by this fabulous company and my kids and I couldn't be happier!

The first item my kids got to test drive were the Rainbow Count n' Spell Appliques for ages 3 months and up.

My daughter is 19 months old, so of course, we watch her in the tub and she absolutely loves these letters. We keep them in a little basket with handles and she frequently carries this around the house, sits down and sorts them. She is addicted to these colorful, textured letters and numbers. My son loves it when I help him spell his or family member's names in the tub. They have really helped me teach him his letters. For some reason it took him forever to learn letters, but picked up numbers very quickly. I really thank Sassy's bath appliques for him finally understanding all of the different letters of the alphabet! You can pick up your own set at for $5.99!

Next we tried out another wonderful bath toy from Sassy called the Scrub-a-Dub car Wash! This is the coolest bath toy ever!

This is a six-piece floating bath toy with eight different activities. Best bath toy ever! Seriously, my kids went nuts over this toy. I may be forced to buy another one because they argue over who gets to play with it or they rip it out of each others hands! That would be my only complaint! It's apparently TOO cool! The cars can be used for driving, but also for scooping, pouring and straining water. My kids' favorite part has to be the soft terry squirter! Of course, getting the cars clean is the whole point of a car wash. This is a bath time MUST and can be purchased at for only $10.99!

We were also generously sent the Sassy Less Mess Toddler Spoons 2 Pack and the Girl EZ-Scoop Toddler Bowl.

The Less Mess Toddler Spoons are again, a brilliant idea by Sassy. I was skeptical at first because the spoon base has holes in it. I thought it would make the food drop out but it does the opposite. The spoons allow just enough suction of the food so it helps to stay on the spoon. Violet has a much easier time learning to feed herself runny food like soup or cereal by using these spoons. I also love that they are curved. We all know babies hold spoons in weird ways in the beginning and the curviness of this spoon accommodates the way they hold utensils! These can also be purchased on for $9.66 for a 2 pack.

The last item we reviewed is probably my favorite! The EZ-Scoop Toddler Bowl has built in grooves that act like ridges to help push food up to the side of the bowl and on to a spoon. My favorite part of this bowl is its ability to suction on to a high chair! This has made letting Violet feed herself things like soup a worry free experience for me! Thank you Sassy for coming up with such a brilliant idea to save our sanity. My daughter has had a much easier time learning to eat with a bowl that doesn't slide all over her high chair tray. Once again, these can be purchased on and they sell for $12.05 for one bowl. This may seem high for one baby bowl, but it is worth every penny. It will save you from losing your mind if you have a baby like mine who likes to throw their bowl off the tray. It even comes with a lid to store leftovers in the fridge.

I had an incredible time testing out and reviewing the Sassy Baby products we were sent. They have been a Godsend in my life and my kids adore the fun bath toys. I cannot wait to purchase more items from Sassy, and with another baby on the way, you can bet I will!

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I want to say a HUGE thank you to the lovely people over at Sassy for the fabulous review opportunity and for putting up with my apartment flood and then moving!

Disclaimer: I received free product to review. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own!

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