Thursday, November 11, 2010

LATE Wordless Wednesday

Since I figured out I can put my SD card in my printer and upload my pictures that way, I have TONS to post. I want to start with Halloween!

Carving pumpkins in his underwear!

And in diapers - no they weren't cloth at the time what with moving and pregnancy chaos! We are back to using cloth now!

My fairy princess!!

Michael said he was being tough since he was Dan from Bakugan. Ah I love them!

They absolutely adored trick or treating! Violet refused to let us carry her heavy bucket and she hauled it all around the neighborhood like a big girl! One house was so cute too they said, "Look at how cute she is, omgoodness, she gets extra candy!" It was her "treeeeeeeeeat" and holding out her bucket! Not even 2 and jumped right in lol. Michael was sort of afraid of trick or treating actually, but he ended up liking it!