Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Intelligender Review and Giveaway - US ONLY

As soon as I got my positive pregnancy test for this baby, I knew I wanted to try out an Intelligender Gender Prediction Test. Like so many other women out there, I was intrigued! I nearly fell out of my chair when they wanted to work with me on a product review and giveaway! The only problem? I had to WAIT to use it! You have to be 10 weeks along in order to use it, and I wasn't far enough along yet!

So let me walk you through the test and the rules for all the mamas out there who have never even heard of Intelligender! First of all, the box looks like this:


It can be purchased for $30.00 from stores like Walgreens, CVS and Target.

The test itself will give you boy or girl results like these:

So when you open up the box, the first thing you will see are the instructions.

Step 1) Collect your FIRST MORNING URINE in the cup provided.

Step 2) Use the included syringe to draw up the indicated amount of urine.

Step 3) Peel the sticker off the top of the test, squirt the urine into the hole and put the sticker back on.

Step 4) Swirl, DO NOT SHAKE, the test for 10 seconds.

Step 5) Place on a flat surface for 10 minutes. Do not disturb the test. It also says to make reading the results easier, you should put it on a flat white surface.

Step 6) Read your results at eye level. This means squat down and look at the results, do not look at them from standing.

Intelligender is supposed to be 90% accurate in laboratory and independent trials. Accuracy rates will vary in real life settings and there are variables that can effect the accuracy as well. Pay careful attention to the following to get the most accurate results:

- Not using the first morning urine can alter the results. As long as you have held your urine for at least 2.5 hours, this counts as first morning urine.

- Do not consume excessive amounts of liquid in the 3 hours before performing the test.

- Do not shake the test, only swirl it.

- Do not disturb the test during the 10 minute waiting period.

- Having unprotected sex in the 48 hours prior to performing the test can give false boy results.

- Pregnant women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome are more likely to receive a boy result, so it is not accurate.

- Women on progesterone should not take the test while on this medication unless they perform the test at least 10 days after the last dose.

I followed all of the instructions very carefully, used my first morning urine, did NOT have sex within 48 hours, I do not have PCOS and was not on progesterone treatments. My results?

I think the picture says it all! I got a VERY clear boy result. My result was darker than the label! I did this test for fun, but literally every single person in my life guessed boy and then I got this test result. I really did convince myself we were having a boy! Either way, we did not care what gender we were getting and this was a ton of fun to do! I really enjoyed the anticipation and it did give us something to do to pass the time and entertain us. Our family members thought it was neat too!

So was Intelligender right for me?

That definitely says GIRL and she is 100% girl! You should have seen my face! I was in denial about it! I really had convinced myself it was a boy!

All in all, we really enjoyed taking this test! It was fun to see if it would be right or not. Remember too, the test is NOT 100% accurate. This should be taken just for fun. I know plenty of moms it was right for as well as moms it was wrong for. Even in perfect lab conditions, this test is only 90% accurate. If you will be emotionally traumatized if it is wrong or if you want to plan your nursery at 10 weeks pregnant, this test is NOT for you.

I was also sent the IntelliCeuticals byIntelligender product called Peace of Mind Flower Essence. It encourages positivity and optimism in the second trimester! I was anxious to try this product out as well because I experienced a high level of anxiety for no reason in my first trimester. My OB told me hormonal changes were making me feel anxious and worried. I cant say for sure if my anxiety going away was from hormones leveling out or the Peace of Mind Flower Essence, but I am happy I am feeling better! I would much rather try a natural supplement like this than any type of medication. This miracle worker can be purchased for $26.49. IntelliCeuticals offers a whole slew of products for pregnancy, as well as for after you have baby, so go check it out!

For the latest updates, follow the Intelligender Blog, and for 25% off of any order from IntelliCeuticals use the coupon code IC025.

Want to see what Intelligender tells you?


One lucky Mama's Getting Kinda Crunchy reader is going to get to try out Intelligender for themselves! The prize pack includes an Intelligender Kit, an Infantino Wrist Rattle and IntelliCeuticals Nature's Nipple Prep Cream! I would love to hear if it was right for you or not too! To enter, follow Intelligender on Facebook. This entry is mandatory and please leave me your email address in case you win!

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I want to say a HUGE thank you to the LOVELY people over at Intelligender for this incredibly fun review and giveaway opportunity!

Disclaimer: I received free product to review. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own!


  1. I actually tried the InteliGender kit this pregnancy too but it came out pretty unclear for me. I thought it read "girl" but we are having a boy. How funny! I guess we'll see in a few weeks who was right -- InteliGender or the ultrasound tech :)

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