Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey guys! I love you all for being so patient with me while I get organized for the new year. It's taking me forever to get my pregnant butt in gear, but I think that is my new normal. I have to accept it! I have a few blog commitments I NEED to get done and the companies have been amazing waiting on my preggo booty and they will be going up in the next couple days and all weekend. My Husband promised me several hours of quiet blogging time, so woohoo!



Posh Little Tutus

Curly Cue


Those are the last of commitments that are coming FIRST and then I have a few new items lined up. I wont be taking on full loads or doing any sort of Baby Bash, because it just isn't happening for me right now. I will be doing plenty of giveaways between now and when the baby is born.

So keep you eyes peeled for those posts to go up this week/weekend and then I will finally be caught up and back on track! Thanks so much again guys!


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