Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Josie Charlotte Conner - My VBA2C

After a dramatic 6 weeks, Josie finally decided to make her appearance!

I had decided to take a nap at noon on April 30th. I ended up sleeping for four hours! I remember feeling super crampy when I first woke up and I thought it was because I was hungry, so I went into the kitchen and ate a donut lol. Then I got a stabbing back pain. Contractions started 15 minutes later at 4:15 and they were automatically 3 minutes apart. I decided I wanted to do my hair and make-up and see where these cotractions went. I had been contracting for weeks and knew better than to get too excited!

By the time we got someone to watch the kiddos, got to the hospital and got checked in to the triage, I was in much more pain and the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart(It was also 7 pm). This was where I met Heather and I knew we would get along well! She asked me how many cms I was at my last appointment and when I said 5 1/2, her eyes got HUGE.

"You were 5 1/2 at your last appointment? Are you sure you heard them correctly? You came here and they sent you home??"

So she, of course, was dying to check me and nearly died when I was in fact 5 1/2 cms lol. One OB came into my room to tell me I was being admitted and another came in to tell me I was going home. Another came and told me if I signed the c-section consent form that I could stay and have a baby but if I wanted a VBAC that I had to be watched for an hour for progress. My blood pressure was 158/90 is the whole entire time I was in triage. My hilarious nurse Heather popped her head in and said "Hey I told them you were pissed off so I hope you get to stay now!"

After an hour, my cervix was the same, but my blood pressure was still high and the pain was worse, so they admitted me. My awesome nurse was also my Labor and Delivery nurse and we went across the hall together.

When Heather and I got to my room she turned to me and said "I'm not thrilled about your BP being high but I kind of am because they were going to send you home if it wasn't for that!"

She then went on to tell me how she got yelled at by all the OBs because the woman in triage next to me was zero cms and not contracting and was staying because she consented to a repeat c-section. She told them, "So, we are going to send someone home who is 5 1/2 cms and contracting like crazy and we are going to keep someone who is zero and not contracting all because they want a repeat c-section?? Makes perfect sense to me!"

As soon as she took my BP in Labor and Delivery, it was 122/68 - totally normal. We both busted out laughing and she said it was because I was pissed off over there dealing with all the BS. She started me on the lowest dose of pitocin per those doctor orders. So I was started on a 2 of pitocin and the highest it goes is 20. Everyone was off in surgery and not able to break my water, which was frustrating because my contractions still weren't regular on the pitocin(they never did get regular). They could have sent me home saying I had a failed induction without breaking my water. My nurse checked me an hour later and I was 90%, -1 station and 6 cms. She kept her fingers up there and told me to tell her when I was having a contraction, so I did. She flicked my bulging bag of waters and they busted everywhere lol.

About an hour later, I KNEW I wanted an epidural(this was about midnight). A new guy came in to give me one. He was nice but everything went nuts and I definitely question whether or not he knew what he was doing! After he got it in, he told me it would take 20 minutes to go numb, but I instantly went numb and couldn't get my legs back in bed.10 minutes later I could barely move my arms! My nurse was freaking out and went to get ice to check my levels. She moved the ice from my feet up to my neck and I couldn't feel ANYTHING until my neck. That is NOT normal or good and she called him back in. He turned the epidural down and said it just hits some people really strong. Yeah whatever! I couldn't move at all! I remember not being able to really move my arms, feeling weird and having trouble swallowing. I also had to puke, but it wouldn't work lol it was hilarious. I also got SUPER sleepy and passed right out. Jon said he stayed with me for the longest time before falling asleep himself. At 1:00 I woke up to my nurse checking me and I was 7 cms. I also asked her to turn the epidural OFF so I could eventually push a baby out lol. She did turn it off and I went back to sleep. Oh, my pitocin was still only at a 2 at this point and my OB didn't want it turned up. My contractions still were not regular, but they were changing my cerix, which was all we cared about at the time. I also found out at this time that my OB came in on her vacation to deliver my baby! She popped in to say hi and told me she was going to sleep there in the hospital until it was time to push.

At 4 am I woke up to violent shaking lol which I KNEW was transition, the same thing happened with Michael. I also felt tons of pressure down there and felt something move down! I called my nurse and sure enough, I was 10 and yelled at Jon to wake up and then we did some practice pushing. My epidural had been off for 3 hours and I was STILL numb! My OB came in and stayed with me from start to finish and I love her for that. She kept telling me amazing things like "You are pushing like your other 2 were vaginal births, I swear!". The first push we did she freaked out at how much I moved her down and insisted on getting all the sterile stuff on because she was afraid she would come flying out. She WOULD have come flying out, but then the fun started.

This WHOLE time my contractions were never regular. During pushing this made things even more frustrating because I was having to wait. 15, 12, 10, 8, 14 minutes between contractions and it got ridiculous! IF my contractions would have cooperated, I could have had her out in 2 or 3 contractions! They even turned the pitocin up from 2 to 14 in hopes it would make my contractions closer and it never did!

Josie's heart rate was not happy after about an hour of this no contractions crap and her heart rate was 80-90. The attending OB on call for my OB came in and took over when she saw the heart rates on the monitors. She said if I didn't have a contraction SOON that she would make me have an emergency c-section. I was even more pissed at my uterus at this point! Finally I had a contraction and I pushed and pushed and pushed. I had my eyes closed, so I had no idea what was going on, but I did hear Jon get extremely adorable and so I knew something was happening! He all of a sudden just kept saying "Oh baby baby baby you are doing it! She's almost out, push again! omg!" They were able to use the vacuum to get her out quickly. With the use of a vacuum, they have to cut you, so I had a small episiotomy, with no other tearing. I did not ask how many stitches and I dont want to know lol.

I remember finally opening my eyes because my OB kept telling me to open them. The first thing I said to Jon in the midst of tears was "take a picture!" lol. My OB kept telling me how amazing I was, how she never doubted I could do it and how happy she was for me. She stitched me up and then gave me 50 hugs and loved on Josie before going home to bed! Jon and I both instantly commented on how much she looked like Michael and Violet and how it's so adorable our kids look alike lol.

They also said there was no explanation for her heart going down like that. No cords were around her neck, but she did come out sunny side up, which apparently my babies love to do!

It was a super emotional day and Jon couldn't even answer when they asked if he wanted to cut the cord because he didn't want to cry lol :) love that boy. She was perfect and alert from the get go! Didn't cry a whole ton either!

My 6 pound 10 ounce 19 inch long little girl. Maybe she will be petite and little like me??

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