Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hey guys! I wanted to update you on what I have been up to and let you know what is in store for October! We have all just gotten over being sick in our house and I think my girls still have a little bit of a cold. I think all moms know what it's like to have a little baby with a runny nose! We've all held in there and everything is going great now. We have also had a ton of doctor's appointments going on in September. My husband's blood pressure is out of control at 148/110 and he has started taking a couple blood pressure medications. That has been a HUGE adventure for us. I am glad they are taking care of him and getting it under control though.

In October we are busy as well! But dont worry, I have a blog schedule planned out and ready to go. My son turns FIVE on October 10th and I can carely believe it. Where on Earth has the time gone? We are having his birthday party on Saturday the 8th and then on the 9th we are going to pick apples and pumpkins. It's going to be such a fun weekend!

Now on to what I have planned this month for my blog!

I have a PureBar flavor review to post
Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil
Honest Kids Drink Pouch review
Larabar Review
Milkin Cookies Review
Urban Originals Shirt Review
Go Green Pocket Diaper

So I have 7 reviews planned for October with the first 2 going live tomorrow night. Thanks so much for sticking with me while I get back into the swing of blogging. It's amazing how life can hit you right over the head! I also have a wordless wednesday going up tomorrow morning and a whole post about saving money while eating healthy as well as my Sunflower Market haul!

I hope you all are enjoying the lovely Fall weather and I cannot wait to share pictures of us picking our apples and pumpkins! I also have a post planned on how to show you all how to make homemade apple butter! I adore the Fall! Oh! If you are looking for a delicious Pumpkin Spice candle, check out the Mainstays one from Walmart! It is amazing and by far the best pumpkin spice candle I have ever found!

Peace and love


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