Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Tooth!!

How do you all start your days out?

Today we woke up around 8:30 which is typical for the Conner kids and I. We take our mornings very slowly and seem to be the complete opposite of Jon. Of course, he has to get up every day at 4 am, so he has no choice but to be a morning person. He still gets up at 5 or 6 on the weekends though, so I think this is just his way. The kids and I are completely different though! We got up today, made my bed, talked about our day, gave lots of hugs and kisses and then the baby and I went downstairs.

I should mention here that my 3 year old little girl, Violet, has a La La Loopsy addiction. Big time! It is at this point in time that they will begin their day or making a million La La Loopsy stories, adventures and cities. My son becomes engrossed in this activity with her and they would be lost upstairs of hours upon hours if it weren't for scheduled meals and snacks!

Josie and I let the doggie out, change a diaper and get her dressed for the day. This is the part where I tell you most days I stay in comfy pj clothing and so do my kids. My husband works longer days Tuesday through Friday and therefore gets Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. On those days I get ready every day because we are out and about every single day, but Tuesday through Friday I could care less. You will see me in Youtube videos without make-up and that is fine by me. That is my reality. My weekdays are spent playing, reading books, making play doh, getting messy, baking and home schooling my kids. But some days I do try haha.

We make breakfast, feed everyone and then work on chores. This morning went according to schedule and it was pretty boring and normal. The kids weren't interested in crafting, coloring or play doh today and that was fine by me. Tuesdays are my "catch-up" days. I usually neglect things like laundry all weekend and so I spend Tuesday cleaning and making up for slacking off. We work on school a little bit and then I just let them play. I am a firm believer in kids learning best by playing, so I'm happy. They didn't watch t.v. once today and they literally built a city throughout my upstairs! I can't picture a more perfect way for a 5 and 3 year old to spend their day than by using their imagination.

Josie and I had a different day though. Ours was spent doing laundry, "folding" laundry and picking up the downstairs. She is SUCH a big help to me and loves to pick up toys, dump them out and pick them up again. We made 2 batches of pizza dough for calzones and pizza. We had pizza for dinner and I made a froze the calzones for quick lunches on the weekends. Tomorrow I am making a huge batch of breakfast burritos to freeze for my hubby and for quick breakfasts.

Does anyone else do freezer cooking? What is your favorite thing to make?

Right in the middle of making pizzas for tonight's dinner, my son came running over to me holding his mouth saying "my tooth!" over and over again. He has had his right front tooth loose for MONTHS now. I am so surprised that thing has hung in there as long as it has. I have been so tempted to yank it out so many times but he wouldn't let me. He has been babying that thing like crazy. Well today he bit into his snack and it started bleeding like crazy. He HATES blood, which is why he was freaking out. I took one look at that tooth and laughed. I HAD to pull it out. It was barely in there. At first he didnt want me to touch it but I told him I had to do it and that he could have a popsicle afterwards. One slight yank by me and it was out without him even flinching. Yay the stubborn tooth is gone! He got his promised popsicle and I got the best picture of him afterwards:

I called my husband to stop and get some dollar bills on his way home as this happened at 4:30, right when my hubby gets off work. Perfect timing! He was so happy it was finally out, it's been driving him just as crazy as it has me!

Alright parents here is the 60 million dollar question. How much do you give your kids from the tooth fairy? For some reason we have given 3.00 for each tooth. Granted, he has only lost 2 teeth now, but apparently 3.00 sounded like a good number to us! Do you think that is too much? Too little? Tell me what you think! Also, do you keep all your kids' teeth? We of course kept the first one, but what do we do with this one? Throw it away? Keep it too? I have no idea. Help!

Evenings in the Conner household are fun filled and chaotic. We all enjoyed our yummy pizza. My husband and I always spend time talking, so we did tonight as well. The kids ran upstairs to get in as much playing as possible before we make them clean up. We ALWAYS clean up the entire upstairs every evening. We make them put everything away to start the next day out fresh. Now, there have been some days where I just don't care, but that rarely happens. When I say they make cities upstairs, I mean it. There will be things strewn all throughout the loft, hallway, their room, their bathroom and our bedroom and it's just a little unreasonable. They have to clean it up and most days they do without arguing. I think they have figured out that it's fun to start with a blank slate in the morning. I love seeing them create and use their imagination!

After everything is clean we give them their vitamins. If you are interested in seeing what they take, I did a youtube video on it so check out my channel. It's theconners3 on youtube. And tonight I decided on making a special treat, homemade Orange Julius for dessert. We don[t have dessert every night in our house, usually once a week or so, so the kids were excited. It was so so yummy. I also am going to be posting a video on how to make these. They are super easy!

After dessert and any last minute drinks needed, we all head back upstairs, read books, brush teeth and put Violet to bed. She is such an awesome sleeper. She never fights it and she always falls asleep in record breaking time. I swear she closes her eyes and she is instantly out! We all go back down while she falls asleep just so it's quiet and so Michael can watch one of his shows he likes before bed. He likes feeling like a big kid getting to stay up a little later and we like having a few moments with him while the baby plays. We get our time with Violet while tucking her in. It's nice to give them each a little individual attention but we are so so lucky with how much they love each other and how well they get along. They always say they are best friends and that is the way I want it! So sweet.

Once Violet is asleep, we get everything squared away downstairs and all head up. Michael goes to bed but usually tells us he cant sleep about 5 times before finally falling asleep lol. I nurse the baby to sleep, Jon gets around for tomorrow and then passes out about as quickly as Violet does and I spend a little time online. I like getting a few minutes of alone time after everyone has gone to bed. It gives me a chance to organize my thoughts, write down any craft ideas I might have seen or thought of and don't want to forget or work on my blog.

Typically Tuesday through Friday are pretty uneventful days for us. We have a sort of routine we stick to and it works. We get our "work" done all week so we can have fun on the weekends. Our weekends are jam packed so it will be fun to keep daily blogs of those days too!

I'm going to challenge myself to write on this blog daily, even if it's mostly a few pictures taken throughout the day. Here's to hoping!


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