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Medela Calma Review

We all know breast is best, there's really no argument there. I am 100% supportive of the choices mamas make for their babies. Every mom is different and every mom is right. That being said, I personally am a breastfeeding mom. I love everything about it, especially the snuggles. In the past, I have had to leave my babies for short periods of time. I would pump and leave breast milk, but it didn't matter. None of my babies would take a bottle. It seems no matter how much bottle manufacturers try, most bottles are created equal. Medela thought outside the box and invented the smartest bottle ever, the Calma. It is specifically designed for breastfeeding mamas who are in need of a bottle every now and then. Finally, someone thought of how breastfeeding works and applied it to a bottle. I am amazed and so happy to have an option available to me!

The 5 ounce Medela Calma.

So what exactly makes the Calma so special?

With Calma, your baby can feed, pause and breathe regularly. Milk isn't going to keep flowing out into their mouth when they are trying to take a breath or a little break. With typical bottles, I found they leaked all over my baby! Milk will not flow out unless a vacuum is created by sucking.
Calma comes with 2 lids.
We used this bottle for one type of liquid, and funny enough, it wasn't breast milk. My baby daughter got sick. Unlike my other kids, when she is sick, she apparently doesn't want anything to do with eating, drinking or nursing. Period. We tried everything. Our pediatrician told us to give her pedialyte in a cup or bottle. Using a cup turned into a mini mess nightmare, so we figured it couldn't hurt to give the bottle a go. It was amazing to see the difference in this bottle versus another one we have. I could tell she thought it was different too. Granted, we didn't get much of the liquid in her that day, but the point is, she drank out of it. It was nothing short of a miracle. I could tell it seemed familiar to her and kind of like a challenge. Just like she has to suck a certain way when she nurses, she also had to do that with this bottle. I am in love!

The Medela Calma definitely looks like no other bottle I have seen. It looks like it would be a nightmare to clean, but don't be intimidated, it is easy! I have to admit, that was my biggest worry in using this bottle. The nipple and lid piece is actually several pieces that all work together to create magic. The actual soft nipple part is a big open hole that goes down to the base, which is what controls the milk coming out. This makes this bottle nipple a one size fits all nipple. You don't have to buy different stages, this nipple is designed for all babies no matter what the age is. This is all possible because the baby is controlling the milk flow, not the nipple. Like I said, finally, someone who gets it! It makes so much sense now that this product exists. I find myself wondering why on Earth this wasn't thought of sooner, but I am so happy it is here now.

No more buying different sized nipples!

I can tell you I will be stocking up on these BPA free bottles for my next baby, guaranteed. It was always a huge source of stress for me not having another way to feed my babies. What if I got sick and had to be in the hospital? What if my short errand ended up with me stuck in traffic for hours? It was all so stressful! Now I have a bottle my baby will actually use and it's going to be such a relief in the future as well.

The parts include a cap, nipple, top, and base.

The Calma can be bought on Amazon for $17.12 right now and free super saver shipping. It is a little pricey, but for us, it would definitely be worth the money. I highly recommend this product now. I do want to make it clear though that this bottle is designed for babies who are already established in breastfeeding. It is also not recommended for babies who formula feed, as they may find it too difficult. Lord knows we don't need a screaming, angry baby more than is necessary!

If you are a visual learner, check out the video all about Calma on the Medela website.

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I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely people over at Medela for this review opportunity!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this. I received free product to review and test out. All opinions are my own. Receiving free product does not automatically equal a positive review.

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