Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Before Baby To Do List (Update #1)

So I made a HUGE list of tasks I want to accomplish from now until the end of my pregnancy. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and want to hold myself accountable. Each week I will be giving myself some of these tasks to get done and I will share with you all what I accomplished that week. I want to be done with everything by the beginning of June just in case I have this little one at 38 weeks like my last two.

Week 26
- Develop 7 disposable cameras that have been lying around for years!
- Upload all the pictures from my computer to Shutterfly
- Empty my camera and upload the pictures that have been sitting on there
- Begin creating photo books for 2012
- Clean up my computer
- Get pictures into photo albums

Week 27
- Go through all of my clothes and donate a lot of them
- Wash all of our bedding and the kids' bedding
- Start a massive donate pile of clothes, toys, etc
- Make my birth announcement list

Week 28
- Wash my reusable nursing pads 3 times and bleach them
- Strip all of my one size diapers for Josie
- Stack up all baby items in my closet and put all baby clothes on changing table to be washed
- Keep creating photo books
- Register with the hospital and fill out green birth plan sheet midwives gave me

Week 29
- Paint the stair well, upstairs and the loft
- Clean carpet on stairs, upstairs and the loft
- Use chalkboard paint on one loft wall
- Hang rain gutter shelves
- Attach a desk to a loft wall
- Hang white board in the loft

Week 30
- Update all the kids' baby books and birthday books
- Upload and print 100 free prints at Costco
- Create a camping photo book
- Purchase our car seat for the baby
- Purchase drawers for the baby
- Purchase a desk, chair and 2 bookshelves for the office

Week 31
- Clean carpet in the kids' room and our room
- Rearrange the bedrooms
- Hang rain gutter shelves in the kids' room
- Patch walls in kids room and use touch up paint

Week 32
- Organize kids' keepsakes into bins
- Wash the couches
- Rearrange the livingroom
- Hang family tree frames
- Hang pictures in the stair well
- Organize important papers into our lock box
- Organize and label bins of clothes
- Organize armoire and tv stand

Week 33
- Organize the office once we build furniture
- Blow up my birth ball
- Laundromat trip for big blankets
- Sew Michael's blanket
- Clean out and organize downstairs closet
- Schedule Summer portraits for the kids
- Donate all our crap we collect
- Wash newborn cloth diapers 3 times
- Order handkerchief keepsake for Violet
- Make copies of homeschool books

Week 34
- Phoenix trip
- Ikea trip
- Josie's birthday party
- Wash baby carriers
- Start making freezer meals
- Wash pack n play, bouncers, etc
- Wash covers to everything
- Wash newborn cloth diapers 3 more times

Week 35
- Replace batteries in toys and gear
- Wash all baby clothes and bedding
- Wash newborn cloth diapers 3 more times
- Throw couch pillows into the washer

Week 36
- Create more photo books if not done
- Clean all baby toys and put into a bin
- Organize baby dresser
- Pack hospital bags

Week 37
- Organize upstairs changing table
- Build rock n play sleeper and cradle
- Organize downstairs changing area
- Pack bags for the kids
- Install car seat
- Move Violet to a booster seat and turn Josie around

Anything to accomplish beyond 38 weeks - Freezer meals, keeping the house clean.

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