Monday, April 22, 2013

31 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along?  31 weeks! I cannot believe we are down to single digit weeks. If this baby is like my son, I still have 9 weeks to go. If this baby is like my daughters then I could have him/her in 7 weeks! Craziness!

Total weight gain/Measurements? I'm up 8 pounds so far for the whole pregnancy. Definitely not bad, but I need to watch it for sure! My fundal height is measuring exactly 31 weeks, so there is no concern of a big baby.

Maternity clothes: A must at this point. I find myself wearing sweats and maternity camis when home and am utilizing my maternity clothes when out and about. I have a feeling I will need some longer shirts with my super low belly.

Stretch marks: No new stretch marks! But my belly is super itchy. Trying not to scratch and using my Mama Bee Oil like crazy!

Sleep: Definitely harder this week. It was a crazy noticeable difference. I find myself tossing and turning quite a bit. We are still co-sleeping, which has prevented me from using my pregnancy pillow, but I am having to move Josie to her bed and bust it out this week because sleep is getting more difficult. Baby definitely has had a growth spurt, which is why I packed on 5 pounds!

Best moment this week: Getting to talk to my midwife at my appointment. She told me about chiropractic care for the pubic symphesis pain and said the belt should help once I get it. She also reassured me that is wont cause the baby to engage in a weird position, but it will cause me to change how I move around, which could impact it. I want to be really careful and help baby get into a good position. Right now he/she is head down. Heart rate was 142. My blood pressure was perfect and all my blood work came back fine. I don't have gestational diabetes or anemia. Wooo. Baby June Bug also got hiccups for the very first time!

Movement: Baby loves cramming itself all the way to the left or right of my abdomen and pokes my hips!

Food cravings: Corned beef hash, watermelon and chips and salsa.

Anything making you sick? No! No sickness at all this pregnancy! woohoo!

Gender: Don't know! We have a consult appointment with the midwives perinatologist back-ups and we were told they will do a growth scan of their own. That makes me mad because I don't want to accidentally find out what it is and I don't think the size matters. Anything to make me have a c-section, I swear.

Labor signs: Nope and I want to keep it that way. I went into preterm labor with my 3rd at 32 weeks. Just having braxton hicks but nothing alarming. No changes.

Symptoms:  Pubic symphesis, trouble sleeping, hot flashes. Just a general uncomfortable feeling. I hope this isn't going to last the entire time!

Belly button in or out?  Definitely out and I hate it. I don't think it's ugly but it's so uncomfortable. It seems like June Bug is always poking it out more. Creeps me out!

Wedding rings on or off? On! I have never had to take them off before :)

Happy or Moody Most of the time? Impatience! Big time! I promise I am trying though lol

Most looking forward to: Getting my 32 week consult appointment over with!


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