Monday, April 15, 2013

30 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along?  30 weeks! Only 10 weeks left!

Total weight gain/Measurements? Up 6 pounds! Uh oh. I wonder if this pound a week thing is a new trend?

Maternity clothes: Wearing lots of lounge clothes at home and maternity camis. I just want to be comfortable for as long as possible. I still have so far to go!

Stretch marks: No new stretch marks! But my belly is super itchy. Trying not to scratch and using my Mama Bee Oil like crazy!

Sleep: Still having pelvic pain that is driving me craaaazy but other than that I am sleeping well.

Best moment this week: Turning 30 weeks! We also got a lot of house projects done and that feels really good. No new milestones this week. Just hanging in there and working away at my To Do List.

Movement: This baby loves to dig his or her elbow into my belly. Tons of big movements.

Food cravings: Plenty of sandwiches and a random McFlurry craving.

Anything making you sick? No! No sickness at all this pregnancy! woohoo!

Gender: We still don't know and have no intentions of finding out. We do have a girl name and boy name now though! If it's a girl - Lilah Ann and if it's a boy - Lawson James. Everyone is saying boy because of how low I am carrying.

Labor signs: Nope and I want to keep it that way. I went into preterm labor with my 3rd at 32 weeks. Just having braxton hicks but nothing alarming. No changes.

Symptoms:  Pubic symphesis pain! My mom works in physical therapy and is sending me out a SI belt to help with it. I cannot wait to get it! This pain is only getting worse. I also have a feeling I am going to have to bust out my pregnancy pillow to help me sleep at night. I am carrying baby so low and it's making it harder to get comfortable. I also have one hell of a time shaving! I have never had a baby be this low.

Belly button in or out?  Definitely out and I hate it. I don't think it's ugly but it's so uncomfortable. It seems like June Bug is always poking it out more. Creeps me out!

Wedding rings on or off? On! I have never had to take them off before :)

Happy or Moody Most of the time? Happy, but impatient for sure lol. This pubic pain is not helping things. And it seems my kids are out to push my buttons this week, which is really testing my patience! Still working on it and trying my hardest. It's hard growing a baby!

Most looking forward to: My 31 week midwife appointment and 32 week OB consult. I am NOT looking forward to meeting the perinatologists, but I want to get it over with.


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