Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Conner Baby #4 Birth Plan

Here is our birth plan for baby #4!

We are expecting our 4th child and are very excited to meet him/her through a non medical birth. Our goal for our birth is to experience a home like birth in a hospital setting. Please review our wishes and help us achieve our natural birth goals.

Admittance and Labor

-          I will be laboring at home until I feel the need to come to the hospital, so chances are I will be arriving in very active labor.
-          I would like to labor and deliver in my own clothing.
-          I request to not have an IV placed, but I will consent to a hep lock.
-          I wish to labor as freely around my room as possible using my husband for support, as well as a birth ball. I am willing to sign any consent necessary to use my birth ball.
-          I wish to snack and drink freely throughout labor to sustain my energy.
-          I will not be using pain medication at all and prefer not to be asked.
-          My labor is to remain non induced and non augmented.
-          I wish to not receive pitocin at any point in time nor have my water broken.
-          I do not want any cervical checks during labor unless I request it.
-          I wish to handle my pain using breathing techniques, massage and Bradley Method techniques.


-          I wish to take advantage of various positions while pushing such as standing, kneeling, using a squat bar or birth stool.
-          I wish to push with the natural rhythm of my body and do not wish to be coached at all.
-          I would like for there to be no time limits on pushing.
-          I wish to not use stirrups at all.
-          I would like my husband or myself to catch and pull baby to my chest.


-          Absolutely no episiotomy.
-     We wish to find out the gender of this baby on our own without anyone else saying what it is
-          We wish to leave the cord unclamped and uncut until it is finished pulsing or the placenta delivers.
-          We wish for the baby to be placed on my chest immediately and remain there for an extended period of time.
-          We wish to have baby remain with a parent at all times and during all procedures.
-          I wish to deliver the placenta without cord tension and without routine pitocin.
-          We will be breastfeeding exclusively. Nothing besides my breast is to be given.
-          We wish to take pictures and video of the birth.
-          We wish to delay weighing and any other procedures until we have bonded and baby has breastfed on both sides.

Baby Care

-          We will be cloth diapering from the first diaper and will continue to during our stay unless we run out. Please do not diaper or dress our baby.
-          If baby is a boy, he will not be circumcised. He will remain intact. His foreskin is never to be retracted or forced back.
-          We will NOT be consenting to the following:
o       Eye drops
o       Vitamin K
o       Hepatitis B or any other vaccinations
I have no issues with signing whatever waivers I need to sign to decline these procedures.

-          We wish that baby not be separated from us at any point during our stay. We wish for all procedures and examinations to be done in our presence in our hospital room. This includes routine hearing screenings and PKU testing.
-          Please do not bathe our baby. We wish to give the first bath ourselves.
-          We wish to leave the hospital as soon as possible after birth.
-          We wish for our other children to be allowed to visit with me as long as we want


-          My partner is to be present at all times.
-          Ideally I wish to remain conscious.
-          I wish to be shown the baby immediately.
-          I wish to have contact with the baby as soon as possible in the operating room.
-          I prefer to have a hand free to touch baby.
-          We wish to take pictures once baby is born.
-          I want only low transverse incisions on my uterus and abdomen.
-          Please respect my wishes for a calm, quiet birth with no small talk.

-          If baby is healthy, I would like to hold and nurse it immediately in recovery. I will sign whatever waivers are necessary to permit baby to be in recovery with me.
-          I wish for the baby’s father to be its constant source of attention when I can’t be. This includes him holding the baby, doing skin to skin, etc.
-          I want my catheter and IV removed ASAP once I am in my room.
-          We also wish for all of our baby care wishes to be respected even if we have a c-section. Everything still applies. 
           - No bathing our baby, we wish to give first bath

So there you have it, our baby's birth plan. We thought about it a lot and included both of our wishes for what we wanted and we feel really good about it!


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