Monday, May 6, 2013

33 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along? 33 Weeks! 

Total weight gain/Measurements? I've gained 10 pounds this pregnancy.

Maternity clothes: I am outgrowing so many of my maternity clothes and just living in basketball shorts, maternity camis and a maxi dress I have!

Stretch marks: Just the ones from my first giant baby. Thank God, no new ones. I am carrying all out front and super low though so who knows if a few more will pop up.

Sleep: I have been getting up a ton to pee at night and I am super thirsty. Definitely waking up every hour or 2 to turn onto a different side because it starts to hurt my shoulder.

Best moment this week: Celebrating my baby girl's 2nd birthday and my Husband's 27th birthday! We had so much fun.

Movement: This baby NEVER stops moving! No more kicks or punches, it's all rolls and moving around.

Food cravings: Cereal

Anything making you sick? No! No sickness at all this pregnancy! woohoo!

Gender: I'm still guessing girl and my husband still is guessing boy! We have no idea.

Labor signs: Nothing! Barely even having braxton hicks contractions.

Symptoms:  Pubic symphesis, trouble sleeping, hot flashes. I can tell I am nearing the end and need to take it easy. The only problem with that is, I have a TON to do! I feel myself getting really tired easily now. This is the first time I have had any sort of sleepiness this pregnancy.

Belly button in or out?  Definitely out and I hate it. I don't think it's ugly but it's so uncomfortable. It seems like June Bug is always poking it out more. Creeps me out!

Wedding rings on or off? On! I have never had to take them off before :)

Happy or Moody Most of the time? Hormonal and impatient lol but I AM happy.

Most looking forward to: Hitting 36 weeks and having my birth plan appointment with my midwives. I did have a midwife appointment this week and they scheduled my OB consult for May 8th. My insurance finally approved it. The midwife I saw told me I have done excellent with my weight gain and baby looks healthy. She did measure my belly and I am measuring right on but when she felt the baby, she looked concerned and said "If the OB doesn't do an ultrasound, we will send you back to have one done." So I don't know if she thinks baby is big or not. I did tell her I would be missing my 37 week appointment because we can only go Mondays and it's Memorial Day. She said it was fine and I could do whatever I wanted since I had no issues. She said if I felt like crap or something, then I should come weekly, but if I feel good then I dont have to go weekly at the end. I say woohoo to that because it's an hour drive!


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