Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28, 2013 Daily Diary

Mama slept in this morning! Lawson and I spent Saturday morning snuggling and nursing all morning. It was great. I told my hubby I felt selfish and he told me not to feel that way! I have an amazing husband. He took on the three other kids all morning while doing his homework so that I could have some along time with Lawson. This little guy and I don't get too much one on one time since he is our fourth!

Michael had spent the night at our friend's house and had a sleepover with their son. I think it is so cute he has sleepovers playing Minecraft with his friend. He's homeschooled and sometimes I wonder if we are making the right choices for him socially, but when I see him interact with his family and friends, I know we are. He's a great kid and he has no problem making friends and playing. Anyways, we were headed over to their house today to hang out, eat dinner and have a fun time with all of our friends. One giant get together! First we had some errands to run.

We got the girls and Lawson fed and dressed and all of us ready to go. It was weird not having Michael there to get ready too! We stopped at Olive Garden to order the party salad and bread sticks to bring over since they were grilling steak. While that was being prepared, I ran into Target to get Michael a last minute thing for his birthday, cake mix, a candle, wrapping paper, and some household items like dog food and shampoo. Then we went to pick up the salad. Jon ran in to get it while I nursed Lawson in the car. The girls did great in the car, thank goodness. All of our kids do great in the car though! Never had an issue. After we got the salad we ran to Carter's to exchange a pajama I bought online. They were having a $5.00 doorbuster pajama sale online so I had ordered four pajamas for Lawson. Two of them were supposed to be 6 month and two were 9 month. I accidentally got a 3 month though instead of two 6 month! Luckily, I just ran in and exchanged the sizes with no issues.

After those errands were done we got on our way to our friend's house. We just adore hanging out with them and always have fun. Our friend Zeb loves to take pictures and he was going to be taking 3 month photos of Lawson as well as a shot of all 4 kids laying in a circle on the ground. We may have to redo that group shot, we will see. I need to get it done by October 18th though because we got a groupon for a canvas photo and I want it to be of that. I cannot wait to get that ordered and in the mail. Speaking of groupons, we also bought one for 1/2 off a science center membership and I am so excited to take the kids! If you haven't checked out groupon, you just HAVE to. Check out my referral link here. We always get the best photo gift deals and with Christmas coming up, they make the perfect gifts for family.

Jon was trimming Michael's hair with clippers before their picture and he accidentally cut him when Michael wouldn't stop tipping his head. Poor kid was in tears and really upset. I hope that didn't ruin haircuts for him! We had so much fun taking pictures and Lawson was a smiley, happy baby like always. He did a great job. After pictures, we listened to music and grilled up some steak! I also brought salted caramel cupcakes and they were freaking good! 

We always stay over there until midnight and this night was no exception. Our kids all passed out with their three kids and we got to enjoy some adult time hanging out. It was wonderful and so relaxing. Parents need fun in their life too!

This is pretty much a typical Saturday for us and these guys are seriously our family. We love them and cant wait to get together with them again for Michael's 7th birthday! 

Sleep Sweet!


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