Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 Daily Diary

We had quite a few things to accomplish today, which is not out of the ordinary for us. Mondays are our busy errand running days. We are so blessed that my husband does not work on Mondays. It makes it so much easier for me having him around to run errands. Today my girls had their 4 year and 2 year check-ups. We are really behind on everything because we hated our last pediatrician with a passion and hadn't found another we loved until after Lawson was born. I am so happy we found a pediatrician who is respectful of parents' choices and actually listens. Lawson has been seen there twice but my other three kids needed to get established there. That is what today's appointment was all about. Our appointment was at 10:15 am and we needed to leave here at about 9:20 to get there by 10 to fill out paperwork on the girls. Luckily we got there just in time. 

Jon took Lawson and watched the kiddos while I got to work filling out all the lovely paperwork for both girls. So confusing filling out two sets of papers for girls! I almost wrote the wrong names like half a dozen times! I got it done and took Lawson while Jon dealt with Josie throwing a tantrum. He quietly took her outside to talk to her and calm her down. He has so much patience and it's one of the reasons I love him so much.

We finally got called back and both girls had fun getting their height and weight checked. Josie was extra excited and did everything they asked her to. She kept saying, "my turn!" over and over again. Violet is always trying to please and wanted to do everything perfectly. She also got her eyes checked and passed with flying colors.

Josie had not been to a pediatrician since she was 6 months old, so we had some vaccine chit chats to do. We agreed to get her 6 month shots, which we never got, since she had already had the other 2 doses of those vaccines. We did NOT get the Hepatitis A, MMR or Varicella vaccines and do not plan on getting those. We also declined the 3rd rotavirus dose. She got the shots that we felt were the most important and least reactive. Vaccines are a hot topic issue for me because I am so on the fence about them. Which choice is the right one?? This isn't clear cut for me like circumcision is. It's hard when you feel so unsure. I was so unsure with Josie that I just chose not to do anything lol. But in the end, I felt okay with her finishing the ones she had already received at 2 and 4 months old. Considering the last shots she got were 2 years ago, I think we were successful in delaying.

Violet also finished off the shots she had already gotten, which was everything. Our eyes had not been opened up to question vaccines when our 2 oldest were babies. I wish I had thought to question things. It's a serious regret of mine as a parent. This lack of knowledge is also the reason my 1st son was circumcised but my 2nd son was not. This blog post is not about that, but it's just an example of lack of knowledge. I'm not saying vaccines are the devil, there are just some I would rather not get and I think they give WAY too many to tiny babies. Violet received, DTaP, MMR, Varicella and Polio today. She will not be getting any other shots. I shouldn't have let them give the MMR and Varicella, since I don't agree with them at all, but I didn't stand my ground. I'm feeling a little regretful about it, but on the other hand, she had already had several of those shots already and the last doses were 3 years ago, so again, very delayed. I will not be getting her any other shots either. Michael, my 7 year old, will not be getting those shots at his check-up, even though Violet did get them. For one, he is not insured and for two, I'm over it. I felt sick after we left the pediatrician. I felt bullied into doing it and it just felt wrong. If something feels wrong, then I should trust that. I'm done. Lawson has not gotten any vaccines and I plan on keeping it that way. She already knows we have chosen to delay his, so I'm just gonna keep on delaying.

The girls got a clean bill of health, she said they were incredibly smart and talkative and way ahead verbally. Don't gotta tell me things I already know! I think well-checks are a crock of crap personally, but I needed to get them established somewhere in case they get sick, which they rarely do. They haven't had to go to the doctor in 2 and 3 years! Josie also got a prescription for hydrocortisone ointment instead of cream since her eczema gets so bad and was flared up today. This is another reason why I stopped vaccinating her at 4 months and I am praying it doesn't get worse and she doesn't have any crazy reactions. She is so so sensitive. 

And here are the stats:

Violet - 37 pounds and 25th % for weight and 41 inches and 25th % for height. Somehow that puts her in the 50th % for her age lol. Her BMI is 15 1/2 which is 50%. 

Josie - 24 pounds and 3rd % for weight and 34 3/4 inches and 25th % for height. She is my tiny little girl and always has been tiny. Not worried one bit! Her head circumference is 47 1/4 and 25th % as well. Our pediatrician said she's just tiny and she's not worried either.

We got both of their doses for tylenol and they dont have to be seen again until age 5 and 3. They want Josie to go back next month to get MMR, Hep A and Varicella, but I will not be taking her. Lawson and Michael have their 4 month and 7 year check-ups on Monday, October 14th, so that will be fun. My boys are HUGE! It's gonna be fun to see how they stack up.

After their appointment we hit up Trader Joes and I bought some of my favorite goodies:

- Coconut Oil Spray
- Dark Chocolate Covered Power Berries( To DIE For!)
- This Apple Walks Into a Bar Cereal Bars
- This Strawberry Walks Into a Bar Cereal bars (Both of these are for car trips, etc)
- 2 Packages of Pita Bread
- 2 Containers of Spicy Hummus (My guilty pleasure!)
- Trader Joes 21 Seasoning Salute
- Canola Oil
- Trader Joes Soyaki Sauce

Our grand total was $29.00. I could spend way more in there and it's probably a good thing that there isn't a Trader Joes close to me. We dropped 267.00 at Costco yesterday so we definitely didn't NEED all of these goodies. I couldn't help myself even though I only went in there for Soyaki and Canola Oil lol. Whoops!

While the kids watched Clifford the Big Red Dog on our van's dvd player, Jon and I discussed how we felt the pediatrician appointment went and what we wanted done differently next time. There will be no more shots for any of our kids. If we both were uneasy about it then that says a lot. Every time I asked Jon what he was thinking about he said the appointment and the shots. That's good enough for me to trust my gut and all of the research I've done.

I got on my phone and started looking up ways to detox from vaccines and I will do another blog post about that and what I try and what I think is most effective.

We got home, cleaned up the kitchen, took care of kiddos, I nursed Lawson several times and got the kids lunch right away. Jon had an upset belly, poor guy, so he took a cat nap. Monday nights he has school from 6-10 pm and tonight was his last American History class, so he had a group presentation and had to leave at 3 to meet up with those guys before class. We said our good-byes and I wished him luck before he had to hit the road. I love this man so much. He works so freaking hard for his family and I couldn't be prouder.

He left, I spent some time updating this blog before making the kiddos dinner. We decided on peanut butter and jelly or turkey sandwiches, grapes and carrots for dinner haha. Monday night dinners without daddy are always quick and easy. We got the whole upstairs picked up and read a few books before getting them in bed and now I am blogging and enjoying the silence. It's 9:16 and I have awhile until Jon gets home but I am going to enjoy the quiet after our long day.

How did you all spend your day? Without getting nasty, let's talk vaccines. Like I said, I am torn. I've done TONS of research and still couldn't make a decision. But I am choosing to follow my gut reaction today after leaving our pediatrician. How did others come to the no vaccine conclusion. We always called ourselves delayers since Josie but I guess we are turning a corner into no vax territory. How do you all deal with society not agreeing with your choices? Lawson has never been poked and that just feels right. He is healthy, happy and breastfed. I think nature designed us right and I'm not gonna meddle.

Sleep sweet!


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