Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Current Vitamins and Supplements

I wanted to publish a blog talking about all of the vitamins and supplements I am currently taking a why. I always love hearing about what others are taking and why, so maybe this will be beneficial to someone!

First up, I am finishing up my Rainbow Light Prenatal One vitamins from my pregnancy. I had bought a huge bottle and am finally almost done. Once those are out, I plan on taking the Fairhaven Health Nursing Blend and I am so excited about it! Keep your eyes peeled because I will be doing a review on that product.

I just adore the Rainbow Light Prenatal One though and I highly recommend it to any pregnant or breastfeeding mama. It has so much good stuff in it and doesn't cause an upset stomach. I had been taking the Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System but it got so annoying. You have to take SIX a day. If you are good at remembering vitamins, then definitely get it because it truly is amazing. I loved it when I actually remembered to take it. Fail!

I also take Nature Made Vitamin D 5000 IU. I have been low in Vitamin D in the past, so this was recommended by my doctor. This is a pretty high dose, so check with your doctor before taking. I had gone to her with issues involving depression about a year and a half ago. I just didn't feel like myself but had NO reason to fell that way. She had blood work done, but the Vitamin D levels are an extra lab she added on and bingo. My Vitamin D was low. A couple weeks after I started taking it, I felt amazing again. Problem solved. If you are feeling mild depression, please have your Vitamin D levels checked. I live in Arizona and I still had low levels.

I am still taking the Iron that was prescribed to me postpartum. After I delivered, I lost more blood than a c-section hemorrhage - 200 ccs and needed two blood transfusions. It sounds worse than it was to me lol, I was fine, but I've been on Iron ever since. I'm not sure how long I am going to take it but for now, it's thrown into the mix.

Zinc! I cant say enough good things about taking Zinc, especially during flu season and in the winter. It is essential for a strong immune system and I take 50 mg every single day. Check out the many benefits of Zinc here, it's not just for a strong immune system!

Speaking of healthy immune systems, I always take Vitamin C! We buy a huge bottle of it from Costco and it lasts forever. Take this every single day people! It is one of the safest and most effective nutrients you can take. It protects against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye problems and skin wrinkling.

I also take Elderberry capsules starting around this time of year and definitely during cold and flu season. Elderberry contains a substance called flavonoids. These boost your immune system and help with inflammation. Studies have show Elderberry can cut the duration of the flu in half and it eases the symptoms dramatically.

Moving on, I always take a DHA. I happen to still be taking my Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA, which is my favorite! DHA fatty acid is found the most in our brains and they perform better when there is a great supply of it. I take this every day for my own health and for the health of the baby I am breastfeeding. Brain development is huge before the age of 5 and I want my little ones growing strong brains by getting all the fatty acids they need.

I am nursing and pumping around the clock to boost my milk supply in order to store milk for my own baby and to hopefully donate in the future. For now, I am taking Fenugreek daily, 2 capsules a day. Now, I wont be able to donate milk containing Fenugreek, but for now I am focusing on just increasing my supply. I want to take this for a couple of months before stopping it to start pumping to donate.

The reason I am only taking two Fenugreek capsules a day instead of 6 is because I am also taking the Motherlove More Milk Plus supplement and it contains Fenugreek as wel as a few other supplements like milk thistle that are thought to act as galactogogues and increase milk production. 

I take a daily probiotic for immune system health and I firmly believe everyone should take one! Right now I just take the Culturelle one.

Lastly, I just started taking the Delta Labs Postnatal Fat Burner and Lactation Enhancer. This helps burn fat that had been stored during pregnancy and also contains galactogogues to promote lactation. There is no caffeine and it is safe for nursing moms. I take one capsule twice a day.

And there you have it, my LONG list of vitamins. I also eat a very healthy and clean diet. I want my body saturated in nutrients though because so many of us do not get what we need. It is unbelievable how much you would need to consume in a day to get every nutrient you need to be super healthy. 

What supplements do you take and recommend?

Sleep Sweet


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