Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Blog Name - Fresh Update

It definitely looks different around here, and I am liking it! I hope you are all enjoying the new name, layout and design. I've been working really hard on it and I am in love. I think it really screams who I am. Feel free to look around. I've updated my All About The Conner Family section, contact page and all of my sidebar links. I've added buttons for all of my social media and I've shared two precious youtube videos of mine. You can click anything in my sidebar to see more of me on other forms of social media.

I really hope everyone is loving the new direction of my blog and stay tuned for much more!

My facebook page name is being switched to my new blog name, so in the meantime it is still Getting Kinda Crunchy. I had to get it approved. If you enter my Scentsy giveaway, please know if you follow me on Facebook and enter, it's going to say Getting Kinda Crunchy. You are in the right place! I just had to wait 14 days for them to change it. 

Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see on this blog. I have several posts scheduled for this week and I will be blogging our entire vacation to Oregon. We leave July 5th and come back July 13th. Posts will continue to go live during that time though so no worries there. I cant wait to share with you all our adventures on vacation! Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post all about my road trip survival skills with 4 kids!

I hope you are all having an amazing Summer making memories and please have a safe 4th of July!


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