Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Shower Bash #15: Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking For Babies and Toddlers

When my son was born, I wasn't crunchy yet. I had moved to Pennsylvania, where my Husband is from, and a whole new country lifestyle was shown to me. I learned about gardening, hanging clothes outside, sewing, crocheting, knitting, canning foods, and all kinds of Earth friendly ways of living that started me down my crunchy path. I will forever be grateful for living there. It was there that I had my son and set out on a quest to make my own baby food. I jumped in with both feet, and I was so glad to be giving him healthy food to eat. At this point in time I didn't understand why Organic is best, but boy do I know better now!

I received Anni Daulter's book Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking For Babies and Toddlers to review and it blew me away. I fed Violet mostly commercial Organic baby food like Earth's Best, mainly because we were super busy around the time she started eating baby food. I feel such regret for not making her baby food and I plan on making it for my next baby. I also plan on using all Organic ingredients. The thing I love about Organically Raised, is it isn't just for babies, it includes toddler meals as well. I am able to use this cookbook for both of my current children, as well as any future ones!

Twelve years ago Anni was determined to make all of her Son's baby food from scratch using ingredients found at her local farmer's market. The only problem was she didn't know how to cook! She jumped in with both feet, like I did, and decided to teach herself the ins-and-outs of making baby food. Her journey taught her about nutrition, experimenting with recipes and about the joys and challenges of cooking for babies. She realized that other parents want only the best for their babies as well and with the birth of her second child, came the birth of her own baby food company called Bohemian Baby Fresh Organic Baby Food. She wanted to help other busy parents feed their babies quality ingredients as well. Babies fell in love with her food and lucky for us, we can have these amazing recipes in her cookbook!

I love that her cookbook includes the words "conscious cooking" and I am sure many of you are wondering what that means! Before she was a Mother, Buddhist monks taught her the art of preparing meals with awareness and presence, which infuses the food with higher energy. I absolutely ADORE that! Food really can feed the soul!

Take a look at the different chapters in the book:

- Getting Started
- Conscious Kitchen
- Popular Mama Questions Answered(This was a fave of mine)
- Starting Solids
- Organic Baby Basics Recipes

- Expanding Baby's Palate Beyond Purees
- Special Diets
- Healthy Mix-Ins
- Baby Blends, All-Season Cereals, and Yogurt Recipes

- The Adventurous Eater
- The Cultural Cafe Recipes

- Sweets and Snacks
- Organic, Healthy Sweet Treats for Everyone!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this book. It is everything I wish I had when I started making baby food for my Son. It would have explained so much to me. I think any parent contemplating feeding their babies homemade baby food should read this book. My thinking is, if you are going to make homemade baby food, it might as well be Organic. Organic baby food is not expensive to make. An Organic sweet potato goes pretty far for a little baby!

So far the only recipe we have made is Natalia's Old-Fashioned Whole Wheat Pancakes With Warm Blueberry Agave Syrup and they were delicious! I had honestly never used Agave Syrup before and I found it to be very tasty. My children gobbled these pancakes up and I can see they will be a regular in our breakfast line-up.

Here are a few delightful recipes for you guys to check out:

Baby Charlie's Apple and Mango Yogurt

Zac's Mac 'n' Cheese Twist

Bodhi's Favorite English Broccoli and Cheese Quick Quiche

You can also purchase Organically Raised Conscious Cooking For Babies and Toddlers on Amazon for $14.95.

I also wanted to take a moment and talk about the amazing artwork in the book! It literally sucks you straight in. The incredible pictures included in the book are by Gina Sabatella.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through this book over and over again. I love the helpful hints, Mama Mantras, and the section all about fresh herbs! I have already recommended this book to several of my Mama friends who had expressed interest in making their own baby food. I think for such an inexpensive price, this book is invaluable. It is chocked full of much more information than just recipes.

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A HUGE thank you goes out to Anni for this fabulous review opportunity! Thank you so much for putting up with my flood!

Disclaimer: I received free product to review. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own!


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  2. Thanks for letting us know about this book. Looks like a great read (and yeah, gorgeous photos too!). I'm thinking it would make a great shower gift for moms-to-be.

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  4. That looks like an amazing book. It's never too early to start eating organic!
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