Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Safeway Home Delivery Review

I love anything that can potentially make my life easier. I think all moms would agree with that statement! When I was contacted by Safeway to do a review of their Home Delivery program, I jumped at the opportunity. I had heard about ordering groceries online before, but had never had the chance to do it. I also wasn't sure about the process. After experiencing it first hand, I can tell you it is incredibly easy and 100% convenient.

The only thing you have to do prior to placing an order is make an account. This process probably takes the most time, but all you have to do is enter information like your shipping address and phone number. This is pretty standard when you are ordering online. Once you make an account, all orders placed are saved as shopping lists. This makes it easy for items you buy frequently. I made my account and got to work.

Everything is arranged by isles just like at the grocery store:

You click the category you want and then everything is listed right there. I also love that there is a whole tab of just online savings! You get all of the ad prices for items and can even upload ecoupons to use on your shoppers card. Shopping online was not more expensive for me at all. In fact, it ended up being very cheap and I found some amazing deals!

When I checked out, I had to use my debit or credit card and I picked a delivery date and time. My time was between 11 and 1. The guy was there right at 11 am! It was incredible. He was extremely nice and even offered to carry my groceries to my kitchen. Everything came in Align CenterSafeway grocery bags and nothing was messed up at all.

I will definitely be placing an order with Safeway Home Delivery again. Shipping starts at around $7.00 and isn't more than about $12.00, depending on what time you want it delivered. When you are checking out it tells you how much each time slot costs. If you want shipping to be cheaper, just pick one of the off times.

Run over to Safeway.com and place your own order! Use coupon code crunchy for free shipping and $7.00 off your first order!

I want to say a tremendous thank you to Safeway for this fabulous review opportunity, I had a blast and you guys are amazing!

Disclaimer: I received free gift cards as compensation for placing a Safeway Home delivery order!

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