Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's Going On?

Craziness I tell ya! I had to post my Safeway review and I am about to write up a Scandle review as well. Rest assured, I am not done with baby products! In the next 2 days before I move I am posting:

Organic Kidz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Ingrid and Isabel



The night of my big move I plan on posting a Zutano review and giveaway and then I have a BIG surprise to round it out. Once all of these are done, any additional baby items I review will be part of an ongoing Bash.

The following week after I move in will be the start of a whole bunch of educational items for kids. I also have some fabulous wall decals to review in my new home! If I promised to get reviews up for you in September, once again, do not worry. I do not have more than 4 things planned for October to review and I do not plan on scheduling anymore. I need to get caught up before moving on to holiday stuff! Don't think I forgot about you!

Please remind me not to move for a long time!!! This has turned my world upside down.

My son has a dentist appointment in the morning to fill a cavity. Pray he does okay and that I don't cry!

Next Monday my daughter has her first dental check and I have an ultrasound to date my pregnancy. I will for sure post pics and let you know a for sure due date. I also plan on posting my first pregnancy vlog on youtube, but it will also be posted here!

Can't want to get back on track!

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