Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Countdown 2011!

Today kicks off a tradition in our house where we do one Christmas activity every single day until Christmas. This can be something small like watching A Charlie Brown Christmas or something bigger like taking the kids to Zoo Lights. It's a ton of fun for the kiddos and I plan on documenting this years activities right here on my blog! Happy Holidays! Here are some of the things we do:

- Write letters to Santa and make Reindeer Chow to leave out on Christmas Eve.

- Hang our stockings up and watch The Polar Express/Drink hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles.

- Baking Day with the kids!

- Family Christmas Picture and mail our Christmas cards/ See Santa?

- Read Christmas books and watch Christmas movies

- Snowman Ornament Kit Craft

- Listen to Christmas music all day long

- Drink sparkling cider with our dinner

- Go to Zoo Lights!

- Build a gingerbread house at home

- Build a gingerbread house with everyone at grandmas house and bake cookies there too!

- Paint holiday scenes on our french doors!

- Help the kids make Christmas cards

- Christmas craft day (Michaels has awesome craft kits!)

- Take a ride to look at Christmas lights

- Christmas Eve everyone gets pajamas and a new ornament

- Homemade candy day! Think fudge, homemade marshmellows and peppermint bark!

- Help a family in need. This Christmas Eve we are going to head over to Pop Cycle on 4th Avenue in Tucson AZ and help them hand out sandwiches and clothes to homeless people. This is SO important to teach kids and show them how awesome it is to help others!

- One night we eat only red and green foods!

- We make paper chain garlands. Never tried popcorn garland but might try it this year!

- Kids shopping day. Each kid gets to pick something for their brother/sisters and mom and dad.

- Kids get to wrap their gifts one night

- Have a slumber party by the Christmas tree

- Stained glass ornament project

- Cookie baking day!

- Go to Winterhaven and see all the Christmas lights

We usually throw in more things as they come up. We dont usually assign dates to these activities, because if we are busy one day then we just do something small like drink sparkling cider with our dinner and watch a Christmas movie, etc. The kids LOVE it and I love having such fun traditions with them. We try to teach our children that Christmas isn't about how much we get, but making memories and helping others!

Do you have any fun Christmas ideas to share? Leave me a comment and tell me! I will be posting each day of December with what we did that day and tons of pictures to help inspire everyone! Todays post will be up later tonight after we finish!

December 1st - Write Christmas letters to Santa and make Reindeer Chow for Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas!


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