Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fairhaven Health Review and Giveaway

I am so beyond excited to talk to you guys about Fairhaven Health products! I have always loved their Basal Body Thermometer for using the Fertility Awareness Method of birth control and trying to conceive. It is seriously amazing and now I have two more favorite products from them. I cannot wait to try more. I was sent the DreamBelly Butter and the Nipple Nurture Balm and both are now staples in my household.

Fairhaven Health's mission is to develop products designed to safely and naturally promote fertility, pregnancy wellness and breastfeeding success. They have been at this goal for years and I am so grateful they have been! Trying to conceive, pregnancy and breastfeeding are some of the trickest moments of my life. There is always something to learn or discover and I am so happy to have Fairhaven Health on my side. Fairhaven Health provides clinically proven products to help us every step of the way through preconception and pregnancy to nursing.

The first product I tried out from Fairhaven Health is the DreamBelly Butter. I was using it on my old stretch marks and to tone my skin and I love it. I cannot express how much I love it. I never want to use anything else ever again. This product got even better when we found out we are expecting our fourth child. I have been slathering this on every single night and I am addicted. I am almost out and need to buy a couple more tubs of this delightful product. It smells like cream and honey and the scent is so light and sweet. I dont see this smell bothering me at all during my pregnancy, even when the morning sickness is in full force. I look forward to putting this on my belly every single night. This is baby number four for us and I never gotten any new stretch marks beyond my first, but it cant hurt to help tone things up and keep my skin soft!

I have literally never found any other belly cream or oil that I love more than the DreamBelly Butter. It is so thick and moisturizing. I'm telling you, use it! I love it. I would never recommend any other cream for growing pregnant bellies other than this. I am seriously not just saying this. I love it. It is worth every penny! You can purchase this product directly from them for $14.95 and free shipping!

The next product I tested out was the Nipple Nurture Balm. I started using this once my nipples became unbearable after I found out I was pregnant. I am still nursing my 18 month old baby girl and it has gotten very interesting. I have never breastfed during a pregnancy before and this is uncharted territory for me. Which, by the way, any advice on this is truly welcome! My breasts don't hurt but my nipples definitely do. I have been slathering this amazing balm on my nipples and it has made a world of a difference with soreness while nursing. I can only imagine how important it is going to be for me with a newborn and possibly tandem nursing Josie as well! I can see this being a huge lifesaver. My favorite parts about this product is that it is lanolin free and organic! A little tip for fellow warm weather mamas, I keep mine in my freezer! I know it sounds crazy, but it keeps it more solid and feels even better going on. If I don't keep it cooler, it is a melted mess and gets everywhere! This isn't a problem for me though because I love keeping it in my freezer. It's definitely a product I use only when I am at home. Nipple Nurture Balm can be purchased for $11.95.

I have already recommended both products to wonderful women I know and I will continue to recommend them from here on out! I can trust them and I know they work and are worth every penny! I love having go-to products that are necessities during pregnancy, postpartum and nursing. I swear, every mama's best friends right here! I really cant say enough good things about Fairhaven Health!

Run on over to the website and score some amazing products for yourself no matter what fertility stage you are in. Remember, Fairhaven Health offers free shipping on any order! Feeling lucky? Enter below for your chance to win the DreamBelly Butter and Nipple Nurture Balm!

Be sure to also check out the Fairhaven Health Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest pages!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to the lovely people over at Fairhaven Health. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. They have been super patient with me getting this giveaway up since finding out we are pregnant.

I would like to say if you follow me on my personal Facebook or know me personally in real life, please do NOT say anything about my pregnancy on Facebook. We are not ready to publicly announce there but I felt it was very relevant to this post.

Disclaimer: I received free product to review. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own!

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  3. I would love to win the stretch mark cream; it's my first baby and i'm at 33weeks and already have ALOT of stretchmarks!!! Please pick me!!!

  4. I have plenty of stretch marks from my first pregnancy and would love to try the stretch mark cream!

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  6. I'm not sure what else I would like to try but I do really want to try the nipple nurture balm! When I breast fed my daughter I was sooo sore & just wished there was something good to use. I'm expecting in February and am planning to breast feed again. I'd love to not be in pain again. Lol.

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