Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Buys #1

Hey guys, I thought it would be fun to show all of the goodies that Conner baby #4 has received from us. This is all stuff that has been purchased by us to prepare for baby!

Some of the first items we bought for baby were: The Little Remedies New Parents Survival Kit, a thermometer, a 2 pack of travel Aquaphor, Triple Paste, Gripe Water, Infants Tylenol, a nasal aspirator and some alcohol swabs to clean the belly button stump.

Next, we purchased the Ergo Infant Insert. We had one of these with Josie, but I gave it to a friend, so we needed to repurchase. I got a really great deal on it and only paid around $12.00.

We plan on cloth diapering from the very first diaper in the hospital, but wanted some newborn disposables on hand just in case. We decided on the Seventh Generation Newborn diapers. I also got a great deal on these with coupons and only paid around $4.50.

I have NO idea why this keeps uploading upside down lol, but we purchased this along with 2 travel size tubes on for around $15.00. That was a killer deal and this is my favorite diaper rash cream!

We like to keep a couple of these Pampers travel wipes on hand for the diaper bag. I personally hate refilling those hard cases and much prefer these. They have a lot more wipes in them! I pick these up with coupons whenever I have them.

One of our very first newborn cloth diaper purchases were these Bum Genius xs diapers. I got 6 of them used for $12.00 shipped. An amazing deal and I am SO happy I found it!

I have no idea why these pictures are uploading funky, but you get the idea. I purchased these 5 Grovia Newborn diapers on clearance. They were discontinuing the prints and inner material. The only one not bought on clearance was the Woodland print with stay dry inner. I got that on a sale at Jack Be Natural and also used some stash cash to get a great deal on it.

At the end of last Summer, before we ever got pregnant, I came across this newborn boys romper on on clearance for 2.00! We knew we would be trying to get pregnant very soon and would most likely be due in the Summer, so this was perfect! We also knew we weren't finding out the gender, so we decided this would be brought along to the hospital as baby's going home outfit.

At the same time I purchased that boy newborn outfit, I also found this girl set for 2.00 as well. I snatched this up and decided it would be a little girl's going home outfit. For 4.00 total, you cant beat it! I love that each baby has something new and cute that didn't cost a fortune, since we don't know the gender.

So there you have baby buys post #1. These were the first things we purchased for our 4th baby. Stay tuned, because there are many more buys to come!


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