Friday, January 25, 2013

Fairhaven Health PregEase Review and Giveaway

I have had the privilege to get another opportunity to work with Fairhaven Health and once again, I am not disappointed. They generously sent me their PregEase Morning Sickness and Heartburn Relief Dietary Supplement and I have had several weeks now to try it out and see what I think. I am very fortunate to not have had much morning sickness during this pregnancy. Before women start hating me, I have had it BAD in the past. My first two pregnancies I got to experience hyperemesis gravidarum and it was a nightmare. Every pregnant mama out there who has morning sickness has my deepest sympathy because it it one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. Not being sick during my fourth pregnancy has been a welcome blessing! The little morning sickness I did have truly did seem to be lessened by this product! My main love for PregEase lies in it's heartburn relief. It is truly a miracle product and the best tablet I have come across! I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and have suffered with heartburn almost non-stop. I can only imagine it will get worse!

So what sets PregEase apart from other products?

It is formulated by a team of doctors and nutritionists, unlike other drug products on the market. And unlike other drug products, PregEase contains not only calcium carbonate for heartburn, but also B12 and B6, which help with nausea. I think B12 and B6 are highly beneficial anyways and something I probably need more of in my diet as it is. B12 is amazing for boosting energy and what pregnant woman doesn't need that? Other ingredients that set this product apart are ginger, licorice and lemon balm - all very soothing to our digestive systems. I am just in love with all the ingredients in this product and everything it offers for us mamas!

And here's a little bonus love for me. I was told by my midwife to take a calcium supplement. She told me I had lost a lot of calcium throughout my pregnancies and breastfeeding and she insisted I take a calcium supplement. I had been eating calcium chews that made me cringe every time. I brought PregEase into my midwife and asked if taking 1-2 of these per day in addition to my prenatal vitamin would be okay. She agreed and thought it was an awesome product as well. Of course, this made my day because I would no longer have to chew those nasty calcium chews! I was already getting a ton of benefits from this and now I had a bonus use.

The taste of these instantly reminded me of creamsicle popsicles and sure enough, the flavor IS an orange cream. They are super quick to chew, aren't gritty and don't leave a gross after taste in my mouth. Once again, another feature that benefits us pregnant mamas. No gagging after taste!

I think these tablets would be a wonderful addition to any pregnant woman's diet. I plan to continue taking them throughout my pregnancy without fail. Heartburn be gone!

Each bottle of PregEase contains 60 tablets for $15.95. I know there are people out there who may think that price is steep, but it truly delivers so much more than any other typical heartburn relief. For me, it's beyond worth the price, and don't forget, Fairhaven Health gives free shipping(U.S. and Canada) every day! I am out of my beloved PregEase and my coveted DreamBelly Butter, so I will be placing an urgent order very soon! These are seriously my favorite products by Fairhaven Health and I cant wait to try out more!

I also would like to note that their Customer Service cannot be beat. It is truly top notch. They really care about the quality of their products that they put out into the world. You can tell they appreciate their customers and would go above and beyond for them. I have yet to try a product from them that I don't like and have yet to ever have a bad ordering experience with them either. Their shipping is fast and nothing has ever arrived damaged.

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Interested in trying out PregEase for yourself? You should be! Check out the giveaway in the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada only and you must be 18 or older.

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I want to say a HUGE thank you to Fairhaven Health for this opportunity and for once again being so incredibly patient with me in getting this review posted!  

Disclaimer: I received free product to review. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own!


  1. My first pregnancy was wonderful the first half but the second half I had complications. I am hoping that my second pregnancy is well the whole way thru.

  2. My first pregnancy was wonderful other than the heartburn. I experienced some morning sickness up until the 12th week, I couldn't stand the smell of hamburgers, and I never actually threw up. The heartburn was there for almost the entire pregnancy and Tums became my best friend.

  3. We are currently trying for baby #2, I did have bad heart burn with my first pregnancy.
    Thank you

  4. I'd love to win this for my friend. My husband doesn't want to have our first baby until he's on shore duty (Navy).