Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby Buys #2

Once again, I cannot figure out why these pictures are posting upside down. They are not this way on my computer. Sorry about that guys! We bought Pack N Play Changing Table Pad Covers at Babies R Us. 

Target clearanced out all of their baby items in January and I wanted to snag a boy and girl baby book. This was 1/2 off at only $6.50, so I got it. They did not have a girl one left. Fortunately, I have a sister in law due with a baby boy after me, so I can just gift it if we have a girl. 

We bought a Carter's Every Day Easy Quilted Play Yard Sheet and it is sooooooo soft. I know the baby will love sleeping on this bad boy!

My favorite thing to bathe baby on in the beginning. I just lay this sponge in the sink and lay baby on top. No worries about bumping the baby on the hard sink and it's super easy. No need for a huge baby bath in this house and this was only about $5.00.

In January, my husband and I hit up our local consignment event and decided to buy a few baby boy items. Our son was born in October in PA, so it was cold and all of his clothes reflect that. With this baby being born in June, we needed some warm hot weather clothes! My husband picked these cute outfits out.

At that same consignment event, I picked out these two onesies.

 As well as these two onesies. I am in love with the yellow one.

Hubby also picked out this adorable onesie. I think he has a thing for all the cute rock baby boy items out.

We only have 2 blue receiving blankets left from our little guy, so we decided picking up a cheap, used back would be worth it. These four blankets were only $2.00.

The last boy item we got a the consignment event were these 2 newborn boy gowns. I LOVE baby gowns. So easy to change them in the night. In total, we spent $15.00 on all these clothes and receiving blankets. Not too bad, and we have enough things to get us through the first couple of days until we can go shopping.

We wanted to get this baby something new to wear in the hospital if it is a boy, so we picked this sleeper up for $5.00 on clearance at Target.

And of course, every unknown gender baby needs some gender neutral items. I am in looooove with the selection Target has. We got these for about $4.00 because we had 50% off. There is a grey with white stars, a white and grey chevron print and the one on top. Love the aqua color. These are also 0-3 months.

And at Target, we also got these 2 0-3 month sleepers for 50% off. A multicolor stripes and a white with stars. I fell in love with them!

At the consignment event we also picked up two used items. I have not taken a picture of them, so I am inserting ones I found online. 

This is the exact pack n play style we got used, but we got a different pattern. Obviously, ours is an older pattern and I had trouble finding it. It is a gender neutral print though and we love it. We snagged it for only $50.00! Such a great deal!

And lastly, this is the bouncer we purchased. It is the My Lil Snugabunny Bouncer and the one we purchased was in excellent condition for $30.00.


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