Monday, March 18, 2013

26 Week Pregnancy Update!

How far along?  26 weeks! And boy do we have a busy weekend coming up. I am currently 27 weeks and recapping my 26th week for you. March 23rd our 2 oldest start ballet and karate. March 24th we take a tour of the hospital we are giving birth at and March 25th I have my 28 week check-up and glucose screen! Busy weekend for us for sure and it is just making time fly by even faster! We are also planning on going camping Easter weekend. Before I know it, I will be 30 weeks!

Total weight gain/Measurements? At my 26 week midwife appointment I was up 2 pounds total for this pregnancy. It may have been a fluke, because it went back down on my scale at home. Either way, 2 pounds is not bad at all!

Maternity clothes: We made a shopping trip to Ross and I picked up some super cheap maternity camis and a couple new tops. I am trying to buy as little as possible to get me through this pregnancy. My belly is definitely out there though and maternity clothes are a MUST.

Stretch marks: No new stretch marks! But my belly is super itchy. Trying not to scratch and using my Mama Bee Oil like crazy!

Sleep: This was the first week I had issues sleeping, I started having some back discomfort, but I am hoping it is short lived.

Best moment this week: Getting to talk with a midwife about the anxiety I am having regarding the hospital and their back-up OBs. It has been a real issue for me. I am NOT thrilled about having to go meet these back-up OBs and unfortunately, I have zero choice. I have had 2 c-sections and they will forever haunt me, even though I had a successful VBAC. bleh. It was nice to get to talk about it and get it off my chest though. She went over what we will talk about at that appointment and I feel more prepared. I have to do that at 30 weeks.

Movement: Tons and tons of movement from this little one! It's so fun to feel the jabs and pokes and SEE them on the outside. My husband laughs at it and my kids think it is so cool! I think it helps it be more real to them.

Food cravings :I had a momentary cheez it craving this past week and am craving mandarin oranges like crazy. I only ever craved these with my son, so it makes me wonder!

Anything making you sick? No! No sickness at all this pregnancy! woohoo!

Gender: Still no idea, but we had some excitement this week! One of my sister in laws found out she is having a boy and the other found out she is having a girl! Our baby will be the tie breaker I guess! We also picked a FOR SURE girl name. Lylah (lye-luh) Ann. Lylah was my great grandmother's mom's sister and Ann was Jon's grandma's middle name. We name all of our kids after family. So happy to have one name picked! Now to work out the boy name!

Labor signs: Nope! I have noticed braxton hicks contractions have gotten a lot stronger this week though.

Symptoms:  Excruciating pelvic pain has showed up for me this week and I have no clue why! It's literally right in my crotch lol those bones. It feels like it is going to shatter to pieces and I am praying it's a passing thing! My back pain is gone so hopefully this will go away too!

Belly button in or out?  It's kind of half way in and half out! haha I know it will pop out here soon though because it always does!

Wedding rings on or off? On! I have never had to take them off before :)

Happy or Moody Most of the time? I've been a little moody this week. I never enjoy going to my midwife appointments. I know that is sad, but it's a headache! We live an hour away and have to get everyone ready to leave. It's a huge production. That, and the anxiety I have about my birth and having to deal with hospital politics and OB crap. It makes me cranky for sure.

Most looking forward to: Meeting the last of the 6 midwives in the practice at my 28 week appointment on March 25th. I'll keep you posted!

Belly shot coming next week!


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