Monday, March 25, 2013

27 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along?  27 weeks! I'm so excited to be this far along. For some reason, 27 sounds like such a big number!

Total weight gain/Measurements? I gained 2 more pounds putting me at a total of 4 pounds. I have a feeling I am going to start packing on weight now though because I am soooooo hungry all the time!

Maternity clothes: Definitely in maternity clothes and trying to make due with the few outfits I have. I don't want to waste anymore money on maternity clothes I wont even be able to wear after baby comes.

Stretch marks: No new stretch marks! But my belly is super itchy. Still using Burts Bees Mama Bee Oil and it seems to be the only thing helping this itchy belly.

Sleep: Back pain is gone, thank goodness, but it is replaced with horrible pelvic pain at the end of the day. It feels like someone kicked me right in the crotch and it hurts to turn onto my sides at night. Other than that, I am sleeping really well. Still getting up about once a night to pee, which is not too bad.

Best moment this week: Going on our hospital tour! Getting to talk to their childbirth educator during the tour really put me at ease. They have birth balls in every labor and delivery room, as well as squat bars for the beds. The labor and delivery rooms as well as the postpartum rooms are SO nice. The nicest rooms I have ever had when having a baby, so that is nice. She told me the lactation consultants are amazing and helpful. They encourage baby to use mom as an incubator and not the warmer, which is part of my birth plan. There were only a couple things I was nervous about, but I have the power to say no to anything I want, so it should be a non issue.

Movement: Tons! Movements are becoming much stronger now and Michael LOVES feeling the baby kick him. He gets such a kick out of it and it melts my heart. Josie tries to feel the baby move too lol but she wont hold still long enough.

Food cravings: I craved watermelon like crazy this week as well as cereal and french bread! I have a feeling I probably packed on another pound or two!

Anything making you sick? No! No sickness at all this pregnancy! woohoo!

Gender: We still dont know and hope to keep it that way! We are also still working on a boy name!

Labor signs: Nope! Just plenty of braxton hicks contractions, but nothing worrisome.

Symptoms:  Just the annoying pelvic pain. I have a feeling it is not going anywhere either!

Belly button in or out?  It's popped out now and baby loves to play in the belly button. For me, it's super uncomfortable! Stay out of my belly button baby!

Wedding rings on or off? On! I have never had to take them off before :)

Happy or Moody Most of the time? Feeling impatient this week and I am trying to reel it in for my kids' sake. I don't want to be a cranky mommy :(

Most looking forward to: Getting my OB consult over with!

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