Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scentsy Join in June Promotion!

Hey guys! I wanted to take a minute and tell you all about Scentsy's Join in June Promotion going on until the end of the month. I wanted to give anyone interested a chance to sign up before this wonderful opportunity is gone!

I personally took advantage of this promotion and I am so happy I did. I have been using Scentsy for 4 years and it never occurred to me to sell it myself. When I heard about this promotion, I jumped at the chance to have a fun hobby for myself that I might be able to turn into a career. I figured I wasn't losing out on anything since the kit is worth $200.00 and only costs $99.00 plus tax. I also figured I would be able to at least make up the cost of my kit. Lucky for me, my husband was on board and told me to give it a shot. He said I lit up talking about it and I truly feel so happy sharing this opportunity with others. I may still be new to the Scentsy family, but I am already loving the direction it is going.

So why join in June? When you purchase your starter kit in June, Scentsy will waive the shipping fee for the kit and on top of that, they are giving you a chance to earn $300.00 worth of Scentsy product for free!

Normally when you sign up with Scentsy and sell $500.00 worth of product in your first 15 days, you earn you Shooting Star award and are eligible to purchase the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit for $200.00. This is a kit full of Scentsy product valued at $300.00. During June, if you hit your Shooting Star goal, instead of paying $200.00 like normal, Scentsy is giving it away for FREE!

I know $500.00 sounds like a lot to have to sell in 15 days. I was extremely nervous, but I did it! I just placed my order for my Shooting Star Enhancement Kit and it cost me $0.00! I cannot wait to get this kit in the mail. I swear, it's like Christmas every time I get something in the mail from Scentsy!

I HAD to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and I am not regretting it at all! This has already been a huge blessing for myself and my family and I want it to be a blessing for others as well. Where else can you start a business of your own for $99.00? They've done the work for you and offer tons of training!

If you are interested in joining with Scentsy, please click HERE. Join my awesome team of girls and see where Scentsy can take you.

Here is more information about the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit that you will get for FREE when you hit your Shooting Star goal in your first 15 days:

Remember, if you sign up in June and you meet your goal, you do not pay the $200.00 you normally would have to! Such an amazing deal! I will share with everyone when I get mine in the mail!

Follow my link to make a purchase or sign up!

To join, just click the big JOIN button on my front page! You have until the last day of June to sign up, even if your first 15 days ends in July.

Thanks guys!


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